HOTEL REVIEW: Thames Valley Khao Yai

If you’re looking for a hotel recommendation in Khao Yai, this HAS to be it.

I believe there are a ton of resorts in Khao Yai but here’s why I think this place should be on your list if you’re deciding to stay a night there.


Look! How cute is their entrance?! There’s like a garden maze on both sides which is very photo-worthy. I arrived earlier than the check-in time but they were nice enough to accommodate me with early check-in.


After checking-in, you’ll walk through this beautiful and serene area to get to your rooms. It definitely transports you out of Thailand and into a cozy European countryside.



Here’s their cozy entry level room. I believe their design and furnishing is heavily influenced by the English countryside and it gives out a very relaxed vibe.


Their bathroom was no different, with very light wood accent against dark the wooden panel walls.




Taking a stroll here makes me feel like a princess in a castle for a day. It somehow has some kind of fairy-tale element, not sure if it’s on purpose or accidental but it works! There’s a ton of photo worthy spots and in my opinion looks like the perfect pre-wedding shoot location against their gorgeous castle-like rooms!



This is the breakfast area which doesn’t offer a large spread but enough for a delicious meal!


A delicious breakfast spread in my opinion!

Apart from the beautiful space, the hotel is actually in very close proximity with major sites / tourist spots in Khao Yai and the hotel has a cute pocket guide on where to go.




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