Urban Daybreak @ Bangsar

Found this brand new 3-week old cafe right beside the famous Rocky Coffee shop in Bangsar.

In a nutshell: food is great, food aesthetics on point but pricing is on the steeper side.



This is their Continental Croissant which is pretty, delicious but rather pricey at RM 23 for a slice. Luckily for me the pastry meets my expectations and is suited for those with a sweet tooth as it leans towards a sweet side with a layer of custard on a bed of strawberries.



I also tried their Avocado Smash which was not mind-blowing but was definitely still yummy. My only complain would be that the portion is slightly too small for the price (RM23.50) and my appetite.


This is called Scramble Trouble which is scramble eggs with bacon on a slice of sourdough bread. It taste as good as it looks by my downside would also be the portion size and price point as I’d expect more than that for RM 24.50.

Overall I’d say this place serves up good food but is not suitable for people with a normal to large appetite. Probably would be best if you’re just looking for a light bite not a full meal.

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