Dew @ Bangsar

I get an immense amount of joy discovering dessert spots which serves delectable treats instead of your regular slice of spongy and creamy red velvet cake.

Located on a densely populated food street, Dew stands out in terms of their servings and aesthetically, the cafe is on point although lacking of seats.


This is their 100% chocolate cake which was absolutely delicious! My first impression was that it is probably the smallest slice of chocolate cake I was ever served but thank goodness the rich flavour made up for its size. Also it’s flour-less, hence it’s a very dense and delicious bite of cake.


The white base with blue petals is lavender and lemon curd mousse which was also yummy but I’m bias towards chocolate hence I still gravitate more towards their flour-less chocolate cake.


Their jasmine, yogurt and apricot mousse look divine and the white chocolate pieces makes this dessert a real piece of art. Surprise yourself with a crumbly base and a rich filling beneath its shell. I must disclose that these desserts taste as good as it looks and desserts a second visit, if not repetitive visits.

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