the-nat-channel-vintage-1988-chinatown-kl-cafe -lemonade

Vintage 1988 @ Chinatown


Found this extremely cute cafe in the heart of Chinatown and merely steps away from the infamous and overly hyped Lim Kee Cafe. I’d say this one has more photo & Instagram opportunities than the rattan chairs outside the corridor.


I’d also give a thumbs up for their food. On the left is their banana waffle which is super crispy and look at the generous topping of bananas! I also ordered their cheesy chicken panini on the right which was lightly toasted and filled with melted cheese. Double yums!

Their chocolate banana shake was nice and thick, making it very creamy and absolutely filling. Also ordered their homemade lemonade with salt and on the menu it was described as an Instagramable drink, which they are not wrong.

the-nat-channel-vintage-1988-chinatown-kl-cafe -lemonade


Their rustic interior makes this place an absolutely cozy space to spend a morning or an afternoon. It also helps that they have high ceiling, giving off a more grand feeling than an ordinary cafe.

the-nat-channel-vintage-1988-chinatown-kl-cafe -rustic-piano-corner

the-nat-channel-vintage-1988-chinatown-kl-cafe -instagramable-decor-setting-natasha-lee-ann-tong-v-keat.JPG

& of course, what is a cafe without an Instagramable corner?





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