The Best Thing That Happened In 2018

Life is a roller coaster ride and this year has certainly proven itself yet again that “these too shall pass” and there are always better days ahead. I started the year on an “okay” note and for most parts it was alright, bareable and nothing too depressing. Thinking I’m going to sail though to the next year with and start afresh, things took a turn for the better in the second last quarter of the year.

August 2018: The month that led me to the sweetest guy ever.

I don’t quite remember our first encounter almost 5 years ago but I do remember the impression he made this time around.


He is kind, he is sweet and he is gentle.

Meeting him at the perfect timing was the best thing that ever happened this year and everything felt like it was falling into place at the very right timing.

There are so many reasons why I dare say you’re the man of my dreams despite only getting to know you this year. You are the sweetest, most loving guy whom never cease to amaze me. You’re thoughtful, caring and so full of love.

They say love is patient, love is kind – and so are you.

Thank you for always providing me with your time and undivided attention, for always saying yes to wherever I want to go, for agreeing to take over a thousand pictures with me and for me until we get the perfect one. Thank you for never complaining about how far certain places I’d like to go and always seeing it as an opportunity to spend more time with me in the car.

When I met you in August this year, I thought to myself, you were too good to be true. You make an amazing partner, always uplifting me with your high spirits and silliness which I have grown fond of.

Meeting and getting to know you this year has been by far the most amazing thing that happened in my almost mundane year, thank you for injecting excitement in my life and I can’t wait for more adventures with you in 2019.

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