Turning 24

The older you get, the less big of a deal birthdays become and the less you care about getting older.

I’m one year away from a quarter life crisis and I guess at least I have a year before that kicks in.

Some people dread their coming of age and I guess there are some people who are generally excited about this. I’m not too sure how I feel though.

I guess I appreciate complimentary birthday gifts from retail outlets I frequent (thanks Laneige & Innisfree) and don’t mind birthday discounts in others which traps me in feeling special and making me spend unnecessarily.



I hardly ever make any special plans or request for extraordinary things just because it’s my birthday. But thank you for reading my mind and making me feel special with a unicorn cake and pink balloons.

I guess turning 24 was not particularly exciting because I’m suddenly in my mid-twenties now. And it’s time to look into anti-aging and opting a healthier lifestyle like ’em old people.

Here’s to many more adventures in the following year.

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