What I Learnt At Work This Year

As the year draws to an end and I’ve completed completed a full year at my workplace and experienced different festival, events, highlights, etc, I start to wonder how did I get through it without wanting to murder anyone and keeping my high spirits intact.

The work place itself isn’t the brightest or the most cheery place to be. Image being in a confined place without windows for at least 8 hours a day, you might just drive yourself up the wall (pun intended) at any given time.

You’re not going to get along with everyone and that’s okay. 

In fact it is perfectly normal. You can have the best PR skills in the world and there’s still somebody at work whom you don’t get along with no matter how hard you try. It could be the generation gap, upbringing, values in life or personality clash and you have to just accept it. Maybe try again in 2019 when you feel like having a clean slate.

There will always be people talking about you.

It’s human nature to be nosey and probably something that can’t be changed. People are generally curious and your co-workers are no different. It doesn’t matter if they you are the subject of their discussion and it should never affect you for those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind. Be the bigger person and put on your strong front for co-workers are most likely not your true friends in the first place.


I tend to separate work and personal life completely by not letting both my worlds collide or overlapping even a slight bit. Practicing a work-life balance may be difficult for some depending on the industry but I am blessed to be able to have a good balance and not get sucked into work with unpaid OT.

Work will never be crystal clear not will it be a smooth journey and that’s alright.

Always go to your boss with a solution, not a problem.

While it might be much easier to give up and concede, it will be more useful if you seek alternative routes. Doesn’t matter if the solution works, what matters is you showed that you’ve put in the effort to solve the problem.

Through it all, I am thankful to be working with a team which supports each other and that is what I find most important. You can be the shining star of your team but with a back-stabbing team, you’d be making a fall soon. With that, I’d be forever grateful for my incredibly small yet supportive team.

Here’s to starting 2019 on the right footing and restarting new goals.

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