Kakigori @ Tropicana Avenue

Let you in on a secret, this is my go-to place if I’m craving for something cold, refreshing and icy. I have visited their original store in Taman Paramount multiple time since 2016 and have even visited their Pavilion KL’s outlet. But I have to say the one at Tropicana Avenue has to be my favourite one yet.

the-nat-channel-kakigori-tropicana-avenue-dessert-shaved-iced-pj-petaling-jaya (5).JPG

So glad that they got rid of the non-practical chairs which they have in their Taman Paramount outlet as these are definitely more comfortable! Not forgetting, this outlet can definitely seat more people.


Before you actually enter, you’ll be greeted with this super adorable vending machine door! This totally took me by surprise and this is my favourite feature of this outlet. I can foresee people taking lots of pictures at this spot.


Would have been way cooler if we inserted a coin and the door opens but I guess for practical reasons, this still works best.


A refreshing guava flavour of kakigori which comes with bits of clear jelly in the inside and topped with plum salt or asam which you’d typically dip your real guava fruit in. I thought the plum salt element was very clever and enhanced the overall experience as it reminds you of the actual fruit.


This is their limited edition unicorn dream which only available at Tropicana Avenue outlet in conjunction with their store opening! Inside, there’s a huge slice of clear jelly and tasted so well with the shaved ice.


I must also share that this is my FAVOURITE mochi (in KL/PJ). I love Japanese mochi and this is absolutely amazing. I can personally vouch for it and have ordered it more than 5 times in the past year. It’s not as chewy as Malaysian mochi and that is exactly why I love it! They maintain the chewiness without making it very rubbery.


This is their Elderberry flavour which is very light and subtle, ideal for those looking for something simple.

Probably a MUST GO place if you like shaved ice. Promise you this is definitely worth the hype as ice is fine and powdery.

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