Tadpole Pottery Art Cafe @ Subang Jaya

This is definitely a hidden gem which I am excited to share.

Stumbled this under-rated cafe by chance and I actually went there 3 weekends in a row because I genuinely fell in love with their desserts, especially the pancakes.


Here’s their Yammy Tammy waffles which comes with yam infused creme, blueberries, vanilla ice-cream and bits of roasted peanuts. If you like yam, you’d like this because of the smooth consistency and goes really well with their light waffles.

I tried 3 different flavours of their pancakes and their chocolate flavoured one stole my heart for very obvious reasons.


Here’s the gloriously Chocolate Sins pancake which really won my heart. The chocolate chip waffle has a melty chocolate filling which is perfectly paired with espresso infused chocolate syrup, chocolate ice-cream and some fresh fruits. I love this so much, I actually wouldn’t mind having a second portion.


Super fluffy Orange Strike pancake. Paired really nicely with orange infused yogurt, fresh orange slices, vanilla ice-cream and some home-made oats.


Strawberry Perry pancake. Unfortunately the pancake tower collapsed for this one but it didn’t change the taste one bit so, I’m not complaining. It comes with a side of strawberry infused creme, fresh strawberries, vanilla ice-cream and toasted almonds.


This is their That Rainbow Tho parfait which was decent. Just felt the kiwis were a tad bit too sour for my liking. I guess if you prefer a sour combination, this would be for you.


This cafe is pretty quiet and they play quite zen music which is perfect if you’re looking for some quiet and alone time.


They also have a ton of games which makes this an ideal place for game nights with friends.

10/10 would revisit soon for more of their irresistible pancakes!

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