Arteasty High Tea @ Element Hotel

Not the newest high tea hot spot in Kuala Lumpur but I was intrigued to try it out because I wanted to visit Element Hotel which is the only green hotel in KL.

Here’s another case of where the looks and the flavours did not match and I would not be back to have another high tea session in a very long time. One reason why I would return would be for the ambiance.


Here’s what their savory menu includes:

Beef mushroom herbs croquette, red pepper tomato macaroon, salmon apple avocado in basil cone, smoked turkey breast in Paris Brest, soy glazed portobello focaccia.

Honestly, it was quite a huge let down because of how unfresh and stale it tasted. Plus the red pepper tomato flavoured macaroon was questionable.


The only thing I enjoyed about this was the non-edible dry ice element and the salmon apple avocado in basil cone.

After having a very mediocre start to the afternoon, I thought the sweet selection would be something more exciting. While it definitely tasted better, it also lacked wow elements and I was far from impress to say the least.


Into the forest:

Heavy brownie, toasted marshmallow, chlorophyll crumble, chocolate soil, mango chutney, fresh berry, light cream.

The wait staff basically constructs this forest before your eyes by staring with a layer of chocolate sauce, sprinkling the green crumbles, red dots, yellow elements, etc before presenting you with a tool to crack a round hollow chocolate ball open and then pouring chocolate sauce over it.

It would have been much cooler if they poured chocolate sauce over the sphere and let it melt open.


Despite the underwhelming experience, the ambiance made up for it. Located on the 40th floor, there was indeed a view and the high ceilings here definitely helped to create a beautiful atmosphere.

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