Bukku Cafe @ Klang

I recently discovered this place and I must share it because of how different it is to other cafes around.

I must first highlight their absolutely delicious flourless chocolate cake which was love at first bite. Melts in your mouth, dense and not overly sweet. It is almost like you’re biting into a piece of Royce chocolate and this is as close as it gets to a slice of heaven.


Besides their absolutely delicious chocolate cake, this cafe gives out a very zen and cozy vibe, very much different from other hipster cafes out there. Once you step in here, you’ll feel (cold) and very at ease with soothing neutral colour palettes.


This corner is their most Instagram-worthy corner and perfect for lounging around.




Apart from their indoor seating space, they also have an extremely cute outdoor backyard which is quite perfect if you’re not a fan of air-conditioning. I love how the entire set-up made it look like an extremely effortless yet well put together space.

I personally love neutral tones and this outdoor seating decor was something I personally loved.


Apart from their flourless chocolate cake, they also have toast, salted egg croissant and other cafe staples which can’t go too wrong. Their kaya toast was nothing to shout about but I enjoyed having it in their relaxed ambiance.


I would definitely return here for more of their flourless chocolate cake even though this place is pretty far.


Paid the cafe a second visit and tried other dishes which are all yummy and super decently priced.


Starting with their cold pressed apple & assam boi juice which was super refreshing.


Spaghetti with homemade meatballs and stuffed portobello mushroom with minced meat.


And a yummy hearty bowl of lemongrass chicken rice with a side of soup!


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