Tiffin Food Court

This is a place worth visiting if you’re a foodie who’s into hip and current trends. I’ve heard about this pop-up food court before but missed the previous installation and I am glad that I did not miss it this time round.



I think there’s an estimate of 15-20 stalls and they’re fairy well known. There’s Softsrve, Nacholaslah, Li, Tanuka Raw, Nachoslah, etc.

Here are some stuff I tried:


Hummus platter from Picha Project. I’d rate it a 4/5.


Chicken avocado parsley burger from Casa Latina. Shocking favourite of the night, the flavours are legit and super delicious!


Truffle yakiniku donburi from Tanuki Raw which was SO GOOD. The egg was just the way I liked and the meat was super tender and delicious. Salivating as I am typing this as it was too good to be true.


Berry sorbet from Softsrve. I’ve tried multiple flavours from Softsrve before but this has got to be the most refreshing one which is in sorbet form! Also the marshmallow was nicely torched and melted in my mouth when I took the first bite. SO GOOD!!!


the-nat-channel-tiffin-food-court-petaling-jaya-kuala-lumpur-kl-event (2).JPG

I would say this is a worthwhile place to visit while it last. I actually enjoyed everything I ordered and the atmosphere is very lively, young and happening. The offering is also unlike what the vendors usually have in their stores, it is specially created for this event and I must say all of those I tried are really good! The chicken avocado parsley burger really took me by surprise and I love it!








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