The Swimming Club @ KL Journal

This is gonna be the next hot spot in KL from this month forth and I can see why.


Look at how pretty this outdoor spot is! Millennial pink walls, greenery, natural sunlight and pretty couches, what else can you ask for?

Located in KL Journal Hotel itself, this could easily be one of the most beautiful poolside in KL. Not making any comparison in size, merely in terms of decor and furnishing.


Such a cute photo spot! I don’t actually know any other spots in KL which gives out this cutesy vibe. PS: cafes get very repetitive after awhile because of their indoor nature and they can’t vary too far off from one another


Another angle to show how incredibly pretty this place is. Quite the perfect place for girly afternoons or evenings because of the nature of this place. Pro tip: arrive by 2:30pm to get a good spot. This place isn’t the biggest and they do have another shaded area which isn’t as Instagramable as these lounge chairs!

BONUS: there’s also an Instagramable millennial pink wall which is so perfect for themed shoots.



Must also mention that this is a pretty spacious area and aplenty of photo ops.



All in all, this place definitely is worth a visit if you’re looking to score yourself a few cute pictures. Otherwise, the ambiance is also perfect for catching up with friends and relaxing in general. Don’t see why anyone would pass up on this!




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