After You @ Bangkok

If there’s one hyped up dessert cafe you must try in Bangkok, this would be it. While it has been around for the longest time, I still think this is THE dessert shop to visit if you ever make a stop in Bangkok.


This pretty bowl of shaved iced is more than meets the eyes. It’s a mango flavoured shaved iced with actual mini mango sticky rice balls inside and chunks of mango pieces. When paired together, it’s like a match made in heaven. Not only refreshing, but also true to flavours and authentic to original.


Their famous shibuya honey toast needs no introduction and even my non-dessert loving parentals can vouch that it IS good and has standards. The toast is nice and thick, buttery and crispy which is well paired with good ole’ vanilla ice-cream, whip cream, strawberries and syrup!


I gave their chocolate fudge cake a go and it was absolutely divine. The rich yet moist cake went very nicely with the very tempting chocolate fudge, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream. You’d expect this combination to be very sweet but surprisingly it wasn’t overpowering.

After many years of operation you’d expect a drop in standard or reduce business but this locally born dessert chain proves otherwise as business is still buzzing and their product is still absolutely amazing and that’s why I personally feel this place isn’t over-rated and definitely worth a visit.

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