I Am A 21st Century Tech Noob Millennial

I don’t even know where to start because this is embarrassing.

Born in the 90’s and owner to more than one technology device at home, being tech savvy is sort of expected of a millennial. I am expected to be good at using modern technology and I believe I am above average when it comes to it but not an expert.

You see, recently when my desktop at work couldn’t connect to the internet, I was at a loss and could not function. I couldn’t seem to configure the problem out but thankfully my colleague came to my rescue, else I would be dialing up the IT department for help at 9.00am in the morning.

And in a more recent event, IT upgraded my windows without informing me and I was at a loss when I came into work on a Monday morning when I realize all my bookmarked pages and flagged emails were gone. At the moment, I literally felt like a brand new staff with zero idea on where to start.

I won’t say that I am extremely bad when it comes to tech but I would say that for a millennial, I am pretty bad. After all, I am almost always on my iPhone and here I am maintaining a blog, I must give myself some credit for that. Also, I am pretty proud of how my professional profile looks on LinkedIn, which can be viewed here.¬†I’ve got over 4 digit views on my post and profile, I must be doing something quite right.


Not too long ago I got myself a new camera and boy, has it been a journey trying to master it. I just cannot comprehend how one tiny device has multiple setting options and I try my level best to figure it out, only to realize it’s not the outcome I’m looking for resulting in an endless cycle of trial and error. A friend even joked with me that this camera might as well be shared with her since she helps me a lot with toggling the settings.

Sometimes I wonder, am I the only millennial out there who is this bad. I don’t believe it’s suppose to be that difficult but somehow technology and I don’t seem to get along. I still remember how I hated computer classes in school and didn’t exactly even understand how html codes work (I really sucked at it). I also almost always google all my tech problems, “my computer has a blue screen”, “my clicker is not responding”, etc.

I hope one day my relationship with technology gets better and I can stop freaking out whenever something doesn’t work.

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