HOTEL REVIEW: The Continent Hotel @ Bangkok

Along the Sukhumvit line and only a mere 3 minute walk from Asok BTS Station, this luxury boutique hotel was quite a convenient sanctuary in the heart of the city. It might not be your usual chain hotels but it is a 5-star luxury boutique hotel!


This is their entry level room which was spacious enough and quite ideal for two. The modern interior was easy on the eyes and they kept everything very simple and clean, just the way I liked it.


My favourite part would be their bathroom and more specifically the wooden blinds!! Very odd choice to be a favourite but I think it brightens and opens up the space of the room while still maintaining the privacy as it can be closed up. I thought it was a very clever idea instead of having brick walls which would have no character.


Back in the room they also have ample of counter space for your shopping, etc AND they provide 4 generous bottles of 500ml bottle daily. I also have to mention that their staff are very attentive and prompt to our needs. Once, we decided to skip the housekeeping service because our room was in a huge state of mess and housekeeping immediately sent us 4 bottles of water within 5 minutes of our request, talk about efficiency.



Their coffeehouse is located on the 35th floor which is quite perfect as it gives you that touch of luxury, dining high up in the sky overlooking Bangkok city. It was also quite impressive that the hotel staff knew our preferred drink in the morning on the third morning we dined there, we didn’t even have to ask and it was brought to our table right away.


While their breakfast spread might not be the largest, it certainly had quality to it. Particularly enjoyed their salad bar the most as you taste the freshness and hear the crunch of the salad and croutons.

I’d overall say my stay here was an enjoyable one and it certainly provides convenience as the BTS station is hardly a stone throw away. With Terminal 21 a short walk away, it is very accessible and convenient for shopping and dining needs.

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