5 Train Etiquettes Malaysians Should Know

I joined the public transport life when I started working over a year ago and I have to say Malaysians have a lot to learn when it comes to being considerate when using public transport. I am by no means a model citizen but these are a few of my observations and pet peeves included.


Queue up

50% of the time Malaysians are rushing in to the train before others can get out of it… Like um, if nobody were to step out how are you gonna get in? There seems to be this lack of manners and most of the time they get away with it because we’re not in a very vocal society and small matters like this gets brush aside. I can’t stand it if someone were to barge in when I’ve been queuing up waiting for my turn, is your time more important than mine?

Be mindful of personal space

How do I put this nicely without being offensive..
If your buttocks does not fit the size of the seat, please don’t force yourself into that seat. I generally would avoid any physical contact with people in the train because I can be quite a germaphobe at times. Hence, I absolutely can’t stand people encroaching into my space, especially seated. I get it that the seat might be a little too small for some and I can still tolerate it to some extent. What I can’t stand would be when the person beside me takes up about 1/4 or more of my seat, like come on man…

 Don’t let your large baggage become other rider’s nightmare

Majority of the people would be carrying some form of bag and that is completely normal and okay. What is not okay is when these baggage are shoved up into my face because of other people’s inconsideration. People don’t seem to realize that their backpack actually takes up a lot of space and it bothers me when someone turns around and whacks me with their bag (unintentionally). It would be nice if people put their oversize baggage on the floor, #justsaying.


Watch your hygiene 

And in particular, body odor. I don’t expect everyone to be using perfume or smelling like roses, but the least you can do is to make sure you don’t have body odor. If you do, kindly do something about it for the rest of our sake? The last thing I want is to be seated / standing beside someone with strong body odor in a packed train. I might just faint from the strong pungent smell and the lack of air in the train.

Stop taking slow strolls in the park 

This is not directly related to riding the train, but it might as well be included here. I can’t deal walking behind people who take Sunday strolls on a Monday morning at the train station. What is even worst is when Malaysian don’t know how to stand on one side of the escalator and completely blocks a walking path. I mean, I know some people don’t prefer to walk but it would be nice if you could be a decent human being and let the rest of us get on with our day.

Other than that, I must say our LRT & MRT are quite convenient and comfortable. You can even consider this as a world class train if you compare it to Paris and other European cities. With air-conditioning almost always at full blast and a clean, modern interior, I must say, thank you for being my RM 3.50 ride to work everyday.

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