the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-insta-worthy-spots-photo-shoot-arch

KL’s Best Kept Hidden Gem: Astaka Morocco Putrajaya (Part II)

Not too long ago I shared about this place, here. A good place if you’re looking for an alternative venue in KL to take pictures at instead of cafes.

I thought I’ll share a couple of pictures I took there so you’ll have a better idea. Big shout out to my photographer SzeYuin who did such an amazing job at snapping these plus editting them! Check out her work or hit her up here.

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-insta-worthy-spots-photo-shoot-garden

This picture could seriously pass of as any other tropical country or even the backyard of someone’s house.

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-insta-worthy-spots-photo-shoot-arch

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-insta-worthy-spots-photo-shoot-indoor

Pro tip: Wear a flowy dress/skirt, one which allows you to twirl and do dramatic shots like this because it actually compliments the architecture beautifully. Alternatively just keep your outfit to neutral/pastel/earthy colours.

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-insta-worthy-spots-photo-shoot-tiles.JPG

Colour coordinating with these tiles also works and don’t forget to take some shots with their patterned tiles!

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-insta-worthy-spots-photo-shoot -woden-door.JPG

This place generally has lots of photo opportunities if you know how to work your way around their square. Might even want to do outfit changes but frankly, I’m not too sure if there’s a toilet nearby (or if it’s even clean).

Be creative and have fun!

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