To The Girl Who Loves Him Next

Hi, we probably don’t know each other and will never do but I guess we do share something in common whether we like it or not. I won’t be surprised if you ended up not liking me but likewise sister, I share the same initial sentiment.

He may not talk about me to you considering he cleaned up his social media pretty good, erasing almost all traces of us ever existing. We had quite a beautiful love story in the past but he’s your future now.

In the beginning you will fall for his ever sweet words and it helps that he is a gentleman. He is kind, he is gentle and he is caring, making it easier to see why he is quite the perfect partner.

As you dive deeper, you’ll learn more about his personality, his behaviour and character. This, I’ll leave it entirely up to you to discover on your own. For all I know, he could be a changed person by now.

If you must know something, he is a very playful and cheeky person who makes everything that much more fun. It is harder to catch him in a serious mode and when that happens, you know shit is real.

He will shed a new light and you will see his vision of the world like you’ve never seen before. Don’t let that scare you but also don’t be afraid to share your thoughts with him for he will listen to your opinions.

You will soon discover his favourite genre of movies and TV series and he’ll invite you to watch them with him. I hope you’re able to stay awake the entire duration because I know I sure couldn’t without falling asleep or loosing focus.

Eventually he will also introduce you to songs he likes and man, it may be a world or generation apart from yours. But that doesn’t stop him from listening to them anyway and just bare with it as he goes through unexplainable phases which you might be able to decode.

He is an incredibly smart person but may need the extra push to go further. Always remind him of how capable he is and motivate him. It will not work the first time but consistency is key to making him believe in himself.

When you do meet his family, I guarantee you’ll definitely love them as much as I did. They are the most welcoming people you’ll meet and feeling out of place is almost unheard of. His mum is an amazing woman whom will extend her love to you and his siblings are definitely a fun bunch. Trust me when I say this, they make you feel comfortable.

This relationship took pieces of me which I will never get back but I hope you find the same joy that I had when I was with him. I will forever be grateful and thankful for all the times we had together but he deserves someone who sees eye to eye with him and I hope you will be the one who makes him happy.

Last but not least, I wish you endless happiness with him. If we do ever cross paths, we might realize how similar we are. Till then!

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