Frozen By Ken @ Bangsar

One of my BEST discoveries yet and this place currently sits on the BEST DESSERT cafe on my list. Located right opposite Bangsar Village 2, I think this place will be the next must-go place in the neighbourhood.


If you love ice-cream, you are bound to love this place because their desserts are all ice-cream base. & I can honestly vouch that this beats Xiao by Crustz, Foo Foo Fine Dessert, Mad Hatter, Tiny Temptress & Shugatori because this is extremely different and I don’t think there’s anywhere else like this in KL/PJ.


First up, I went for the black forest. This delicious apple is made up of 63% dark chocolate ice-cream and is filled with sour cherry sorbet and a dark chocolate cake while it sits on a dark chocolate crumble. The chocolate ice-cream and sour cherry sorbet tasted perfectly together and it could not have been paired any better.
PS: the dark chocolate crumble tasted like milo nuggets and it was so delicious!!!


This snowball looking dessert is called rafaello and it was BOMB! It was filled with hazelnut milk chocolate ice-cream and coconut sorbet and wrapped in a white chocolate shell before it sat on the hazelnut crunch and sprinkled with desiccated coconut.

Man, that in itself sounded like a lot of work. Luckily, it didn’t go to waste as it was really good! The flavours were true to original and absolutely perfect when all components are eaten together.


Last but not least and personal favourite, mosqow. This took me by surprise because it is a pandan kaya based ice-cream which sounded pretty odd but it was definitely love at first bite. The gula melaka shell holds the pandan kaya ice-cream on the inside with a coconut sorbet filling plus some jack fruit compote AND some gula melaka sauce with a layer of pandan sponge.

That was a mouth full and it was absolutely AMAZING. While all the ingredients sound really sweet and sugary, it surprisingly didn’t taste like so. Also, who knew pandan and kaya ice-cream would taste so good!?


What I really enjoyed was all the elements that made this simple looking dessert complicated. I think I must have watched one too many Masterchef episodes and this definitely feels close to those that they would create during the competition.

When you crack open the chocolate shell, you’ll be greeted with all the other components and it becomes a beautiful mess. I find myself nodding and enjoying every single scoop right from the start and I can’t wait to be back for more. So many techniques used to create this master piece which was devoured in 5 minutes or less.

Also, their ingredients used are all natural and no artificial flavouring was added.


I made several trips back to Frozen and tried out new flavours and I must share them because it was so good and none of them disappointed me.


This pretty little parfum dessert might seem like it would bring out a light a refreshing lemon flavour but lo and behold, it is filled with strong earl grey flavours. If you love earl grey. Beneath its yellow shell is a dense earl grey ice-cream with raspberry sorbet and an earl grey ganache.


Definitely couldn’t resist this flamingo when I saw it! I admit, I do sometimes order food based on the aesthetics and I definitely didn’t need to think twice when I saw this. This was a berry delicious flamingo which was filled with strawberry and vanilla ice-cream, dragonfruit sorbet, crunchy crumble and topped off with a nice raspberry glaze. It wasn’t overly sweet and definitely taste as good as it looks!


This refreshing tropical cheesecake was love at first bite. The cheesecake ice-cream was surprisingly the most refreshing one out of the bunch and if you are not into sweets, this would be the best sour pick!


I absolutely loved this chocolate grandeur. I mean, I am a chocolate lover I naturally gravitate to anything chocolate base and this was no exception. The chocolate brownie on the bottom layer supports the dark chocolate & hazelnut ice-cream on top apart from the chocolate ganache and crunchy chocolate crepe. I absolutely loved this!!! Apart from the brownie being a little too tough for my liking, everything else was divine.


Thank you for blessing us with a beautiful space and a hype-worthy dessert cafe.

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