Afternoon High Tea @ Brasserie Fritz

I went and try out the afternoon tea at Brasserie Fritz and here are my honest thoughts and opinions:


The ambiance and environment scores a 10/10. Like, look at this beautiful restaurant. It exudes warmth and class at the same time, quite the perfect space for an afternoon tea.


Aesthetics: 8/10, Taste: 4/10, Price: 7.5/10

First impression, it looks pretty good! But I have to say the taste does not match up or meet my expectations.

Starting from the lowest tier, the savory sandwiches and croissant were mediocre at best. I didn’t quite understand the curry sandwich combo, the cucumber sandwich has too thick a spread of butter and croissant didn’t pass my flaky test.

Moving up a tier, there were cookies, meringue and some savory pastries. The coconut meringue with chocolate filling was a no go as the meringue was too dense and the cookies tasted like it came right out of a bag of store bought cookies and half dipped in chocolate for that A+ effort and look. The savory pastries were edible and nothing to shout about.

On to the top tier of the stand we’ve got the sweetest selection of treats. I was honestly most excited for this because I’ve bought some of them in their bakery before and they tasted pretty darn good. Needless to say, during my visit there it was rather disappointing. The macaron was too dense till I could slice it perfectly in half with my fork without making a mess and the others were forgettable.


To be honest, I had quite high expectations as I have bought their bite-sized treats before and thought it was really good. It might have been a bad day in the kitchen or maybe the pastries served for the afternoon tea set is questionable. However, that shouldn’t be the case as I believe quality should be consistent regardless of whether it is packaged in their set or sold separately.


These were some of the desserts I tried on my first visit and I absolutely loved it.  I remember coming back for more the same week itself and I don’t think I will make a return trip for their afternoon tea although I do have to say the price is quite right at RM55+ per pax.

It is honestly quite a waste as I really loved the entire ambiance and setting. Might just be better off ordering a la carte items.

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