Peep Inside Google Malaysia’s Office

Recently I had a seminar at Google Malaysia’s office and I thought I’ll share some inside because really, how often does one get to visit the Google office?!


Excuse the poor photo effort but this is what you see when you first enter.


What a beautiful space and I definitely feel more motivated to work in this environment where which is beautiful, lively and also has ample of sunlight. Studies has shown that windows are actually very very important in an office and it does lift the mood of employees and increase productivity.
But unfortunately my current company doesn’t believe in this, oops.


There’s also the bicycle gym equipment here and it is the only thing I actually need. As I make my way round the space, I could only imagine what a humbling opportunity it would be to work at Google. I mean, being associated to the company itself is a great achievement but to know that you’re such well taken care off and they actually practice a work-life balance is just very admirable.





No surprise, you’ll find some recreational activities here. From foosball and pool to table tennis and even an arcade?!?! Only one can dream.


There’s also a pantry area which was well stocked with rather healthy drinks. I don’t think I saw a can of coke inside.

As mentioned earlier, I was here for a seminar and we used the meeting room. Now here’s where it was conducted.


What a beautiful sight. It is also proven colours can influence learning and I can only image the number of bright ideas (pun intended) which was born in this room.

This isn’t the complete tour of Google Malaysia’s office as it was only a part of it which we were allowed in. I believe due to privacy purposes the actual office on the opposite side of this space is only allowed entry by employees. But this is a somewhat accurate representation of what a sneak peep of Google Malaysia’s office looks like!

Google Malaysia, please hire me.
I promise to love my job as much as the company loves the employees. 

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