Foo Foo Fine Dessert @ TTDI

Dessert spots are quickly becoming a hit in Klang Valley and the similar trend across multiple dessert-centric outlet would be their aesthetically pleasing and too-pretty-to-be-eaten desserts.

But, a lot of them miss the basic fundamental essence of what constitutes a good dessert, the taste. The foundation of it all and essentially what brings people back instead of one-off visits.

I know Foo Foo Fine Dessert has been around for awhile now but I finally got around trying it and here’s my verdict!


As a huge chocolate lover, I had to try their chocolate mascarpone which did not disappoint. Absolutely loved this the rich chocolate which went so well with the bed of biscuit. By far my favourite and I would definitely order this again and again.


Next up, I gave their pavlova a go. I’ve had several pavlova before and this was everything you would expect when ordering one, sweet, airy and light. Only difference was, this was a generous slice of pavlova and trust me, it was pretty huge compared to what is offered in other cafes / dessert outlets.


This is their signature crispy profiteroles and I can see why it is highly sought after. Paired with salted caramel ice-cream, it had the perfect blend of sweet and savory plus different textures as well.

This place serves up really good desserts and I can see why it is often packed. Another great thing would be that their wait staff are really friendly and accommodating, making the dining experience a pleasant one.

Definitely can’t wait to return for more amazing sweet treats!

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