Aori Ramen @ Pavilion KL

Probably THE talk of town at the moment and highly anticipated opening in Pavilion KL.

If you’re not into kpop, you might not know why this is highly anticipated but here’s a short summary to keep you in the loop. Aori Ramen is owned by Seungri, who is a member of Big Bang, one of the largest boy band in the world. (fun fact: Big Bang was the highest earning band in 2016, beating Maroon 5 amongst others).

As the kpop wave has hit the Malaysian shore and most likely here to stay, it is almost natural for the super-massive loyal fans to get excited over the opening of their idol’s store. I actually love Big Bang as well but I’m a Taeyang bias so this didn’t really get me SUPERRRR excited but I also wanted to try and see if it’s worth the hype!


The signature Aori Ramen in all it’s glory.

Like a lot of Japanese ramen noodle shops, you’re seated individually in a cubicle for a one-man dining experience. Adapting to local culture, they also have normal seating for 4 pax which has curtains for privacy.


Their Aori Ramen comes with basic toppings of barbecued marinated pork, Japanese bunching onion, soft boiled egg, dried seaweed and bamboo shoots – extra toppings are available. You can choose to either have spicy or non-spicy soup base, this is their basic level which is mildly spicy.


In all honesty, it was a delicious bowl of ramen with a yummy broth and quite perfect if eaten in a nice cold weather. They’re slightly stingy with their toppings and I could use more pork, bamboo shoots & spring onion. Also, pricing wise, it is slightly on a more steep side for a bowl of ramen (I believe Ippudo offers about the same at a lower price).

Having said that, I definitely would not queue an hour for this. I only got lucky on my 3rd visit here and prior to this the queue was insanely long. I saw on Instagram some people queued over an hour for this which is not worth it in my opinion.

Will I make a return trip here? Yes, but only if the wait is about 15-20 minutes long.

Pro tip: Arrive slightly before or by 12.00 noon to avoid the crowd!

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