Mr Chew Chino Latino Bar: Express Gourmet Lunch @ Bukit Bintang

If you want to treat yourself to a boujee lunch or if you wanna feel fancy on a weekday afternoon, this is definitely the place to go for some express gourmet lunch.


Look at this fancy place, high ceiling and all.


This is their infamous taco nori which essentially is deep fried seaweed roll with salmon and rice fillings. I’d rate this a 3/5 because I prefer my seaweed un-fried. Also, it was a tad bit too oily for me and by the time I was done eating this I could see all the oil residue on the paper roll.


If you choose to have their weekday lunch set, it comes with this box of appetizers plus a main course for RM45. Pretty good deal for an upscale restaurant in downtown KL. The mantao bun on the top left was yummy, kimchi was a miss for me and the spring roll was very refreshing.


Not entirely sure of the exact name for this but it was roasted chicken resting on a bed of barley grain and mushrooms. I loved this! It felt very wholesome and healthy yet tasted good at the same time.


This was another selection from their main course, tortilla wrap with lamb shoulder. I was pleasantly surprised by how tender the lamb was. I don’t usually eat lamb but this was good! It receives a thumbs up for me.


the-nat-channel-mr-chew-chino-latino-bar-kuala-lumpur-bukit-bintang-express-lunch-bar.jpg This place is probably most suitable if you’re looking to treat yourself to something nice or for a celebration with friends and family. Plus you’ll get really good pictures here during the day because of their full length glass panels.

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