the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-hidden-gem-instagram-worthy-indoor-pillars.jpg

KL’s Best Kept Hidden Gem: Astaka Morocco Putrajaya

Look no further for an Instagramable hidden gem in Kuala Lumpur which will surely check all your boxes. A short 45 minute drive to Putrajaya will bring you to Astaka Morocco Pavilion which is where you can snap up a couple of ‘gram worthy pictures.

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-hidden-gem-instagram-worthy

To be honest, the place is rather small. It’s just a small square but if you’re creative enough you’ll be able to work your way with different angles and background.

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-hidden-gem-instagram-worthy-pillars.jpg

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-hidden-gem-instagram-worthy -brown-door.jpg

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-hidden-gem-instagram-worthy-intricate-ceiling

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-hidden-gem-instagram-worthy-outdoor.JPG

I must say they did pay quite an attention to details as you can see from the ceiling, pillars and door. It is supposed to give out a Moroccan vibe which I am unable to make a comparison as I’ve never been to Morocco myself. But, I will say that this place is unlike other picture worthy spots in KL and might be worthwhile if you’re looking to go against the norm of cafe scenes.

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-hidden-gem-instagram-worthy-indoor-pillars.jpg

You can also make an optional entry into the inner part of the pavilion which is chargeable. The only difference would be the tiling of the floor.
PS: the guard on duty wasn’t very friendly, she looked like she was about to eat me and my camera up. :/

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-hidden-gem-instagram-worthy-indoor.JPG

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-hidden-gem-instagram-worthy-intricate-details.JPG

the-nat-channel-astaka-morocco-pavilion-putrajaya -kuala-lumpur-hidden-gem-instagram-worthy -tiles-flatlay.JPG

Their flooring is quite perfect for top shots and I will give it to them for having maintained these tiles well!

Overall I think it’s a nice place if you’re looking to take a different set of photos in KL, also quite perfect if you want to do pre-wedding or product shoots (clothes). But given the size of the space, I would’t come back for a second visit as the background becomes repetitive after awhile. Also, to be honest it was quite disappointing as I expected more from this place. Plus the people there weren’t friendly either which was a huge downside.

Pro tip: Do not bring any huge camera equipment as it will be chargeable. If you do bring, be discreet about it because the guards do check from time to time. Either that or you’ll have to bribe the guard with some food/drink which is ridiculous but hey, we’re in Malaysia… Also, best to speak to the guard in Bahasa Malaysia as they don’t exactly understand English which puts them off immediately.

I was quite lucky to escape any form of payment / bribery and wrapped up a shoot just 30 seconds before the guard came and check-up on us, phew. This place is also quite hot for that matter and best visited early morning / evening.

Have fun!


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