May 2018 In A Review

May went by really quickly and I just wanted to have a recap because I thought it was rather eventful. Here’s a glimpse of what I was up to in May.


Had a very fun time at Coco Game Center which you can read more about it, here. Had a ton of fun with my beloved friend, SzeYuin and it was our lucky day as we won quite a few prizes!


Kept my social life in check and made dinner plans with friends. Also since I won’t be able to meet one of closest girlfriend in a month, this was a like our last dinner before the next meet in June. Headed to one of our favourite places for some good ole’ pizza at Patty & Pie.


Went over to APW to try out their newest restaurant on the block, Grano Pasta Bar which I also wrote about it, here.
*As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about the ravioli I had.


I think this is also the first time in forever I have a short hair-do. Initially I hated it and was really not used to it but eventually it grew on me and I kinda like it now.


It’s Election Day in Malaysia and I did my part as a responsible citizen and was actually part of history as this country finally falls into the hand of the opposition party for the very first time since independence.


Since it was declared a public holiday, I made dinner plans with Ashley and I always love being around her and appreciate spending time with her.


Had a mini staycation in town. It’s actually partially for work, hence not gonna dive deep into it but this also marks my first time staying alone in a hotel. I was initially quite scared but I guess nothing lights can’t solve.


Finally went and tried the highly raved about cafe in town, Wizards @ Tribeca which I also wrote about, here. I actually really enjoyed my lunch and wouldn’t mind returning for to try their other dishes.


And I also found this really cool hipster cafe in a quiet part of town in Zhong Shan.

Spent some time with Natalie over desserts at Mad Hatter Desserts and if you’re interested to read more about it, find out more here.

21st & 22nd:

This was not something I was looking forward to but thank goodness it turned out alright. I had a 2-day workshop about CPR & First Aid and by the end of the second day, I was grateful for this session which was informative. Also, big shout out to my colleague Noora for making this session so much more bearable!


Caught up with friends over Korean BBQ at Da Sa Rang. Good food and great company makes the perfect night! Always appreciative of friends who’ll make time despite busy schedule instead of giving ‘busy’ as an excuse.



Tried out a brand new hotpot spot in Subang, Fei Fan Hotpot and it was de-licious! Since it was good, I took the liberty to share more about it, here. What I actually really liked was their homemade dumplings and pork balls!


Back at Hotel Stripes KL for their French Afternoon Tea which I’ve already tried last year and written about it, here. Honestly, there was a drop in standard from my first visit but nothing good company cannot fix!

I just realize that my month was filled with so much eating and food. There’s actually more food-related things which I didn’t include. May was an incredible month and it’s gonna be hard for the following months to beat this!

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