Fei Fan Hotpot @ SS15 Courtyard Subang

Found this newly opened Hong Kong hotpot restaurant in SS15 Courtyard and I thought I’ll share it with the world because I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. Then again, I love hotpot!


Also must mention that their interior is very minimalist and clean, quite suited for millennials also. *Ahem, aesthetics.


First, choose your soup base – tomato, pork bone, spicy mala or pepper pig’s stomach soup. I opted for tomato and pork bone soup and actually fell in love with the tomato soup.


What I actually really like about this place is their homemade stuff. They’ve got homemade pork/chicken/beef balls, shrimp/chives dumpling, fish noodle and tau foo pok with stuffings. No favourites but I love the pork ball and dumpling!

Also must mention that this is buffet style and you can order unlimited portion. It’s sort of like sukiya but with different soup base.

They also have pork/beef/chicken slice if interested!


AND, they have a selection of vegetable and other hotpot staples which is also unlimited! Personal favourite is baby spinach because it’s just so GOOOOD!! And pumpkin of course.

Other than that, there’s a wide range of sauces and come with refillable drink and ice-cream. If you’re someone who can eat a lot, this would somewhat be value for money. Otherwise, it’s still a good choice if you love hotpot like me! Also unlike other hotpot restaurants, there’s an outdoor area for smokers to puff and eat at the same time.

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