Mad Hatter Dessert @ Damansara Uptown

As a massive dessert lover, I should share about this place which serves real good desserts which are also aesthetically pleasing and combines multiple elements which a slice of cake does not offer.

I visited Mad Hatter Dessert about a year ago when they first opened. I actually followed Masterchef Asia very closely and was quite excited when I heard Marcus Low, the former contestant mentioning that he will be opening a dessert shop as his creation on the show were MAD bomb!!!

While I am a fan, this post will not be bias and is solely based on my honest opinions. But to back me up even further, I have friends who vouch that this is one of their favourite dessert shops. #justsaying


This Chocolate Calamansi is my FAVOURITE!!!
For me, I absolutely loved the brownie base and isn’t that glazed chocolate beautiful?!?! Chocolate lovers will definitely fall in love with this not only because of the aesthetics, but also the rich flavour.
PS: the glaze is actually paper thin and not your usual thick chocolate paste!


If you’re a first-timer, they would usually recommend you to go for their Raspberry, Rose & Lychee. Inside is a raspberry mousse with an inner filling of rose & lychee ganache and raspberry jelly resting on a layer of sponge cake. This is a very light and quite ideal for people who are not into overly sweet treats.


Passion fruit & Miso tart might sound like an extremely odd combination because it truly is. It has citrus and salty flavours which not everyone is able to accept but if you’re adventurous, you might fall in love with this with every bite.


This is also a MUST try if it’s your first time, Watermelon Assam Tart. There were actually mixed reviews for this but I personally enjoyed it. I appreciated the sourness from the assam and I thought it was quite a unique combination alongside the sweetness from the watermelon and crunchy element from the tart.


I think out of all that I’ve eaten, this would be my least favourite because I prefer my desserts to be sweeter. This coconut, pineapple and mango tart had a nice mousse on the inside and the coconut flavour was strong and bold. Not a bad choice if you’re looking for something more light and fresh on the palate.


Banana coffee & cardamom. If you love coffee, you’ll love this! Banana and coffee combo generally can’t go wrong and the coffee flavour for this was bold but pleasant. Not my favourite but also a great choice if you’re not into chocolate!

I thoroughly enjoyed the desserts here and would definitely return in the future for more. From this post you probably can tell I actually visited the place on two separate occasion based on the different edits used for both pictures. I gravitate towards a rich dessert base and that’s why the chocolate calamansi was my favourite of the lot!

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