Wizards @ Tribeca KL

This is no hidden gem, in fact everybody is flooding this cafe for its rather pretty looking interior.

the-nat-channel-wizards-at-tribeca-kuala-lumpur-jalan-imbi -interior-decor

I guess I can agree that it is a very beautiful space which is bath with ample of natural lighting, making selfies that much prettier.


I tried their Taro Mish Mash which I’d rate a solid 9/10. It was not your average avocado on toast which most cafes serve and that is what I love about it. The sourdough bread had a layer of pureed taro, smashed avocado and tomatoes plus a poached egg.  I particularly enjoyed the unique combination of taro, avocado and tomatoes.

the-nat-channel-wizards-at-tribeca-kuala-lumpur-jalan-imbi -magical-shrooms.JPG

These Magical Shroomswere true to their name, magical! They were very generous with their mushrooms and the sauce was particularly unique. Not your usual or average rich cream sauce, this was subtle yet flavourful and had traces of truffle oil which is always much appreciated.


Overall, food definitely surpassed my expectations and their pretty interior was a bonus. It is definitely worth a visit but I’m not too sure if the pricing is justifiable as it is definitely on a pricier side for a cafe.

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