Grano Pasta Bar @ APW Bangsar

The newest gem in APW sure lived up to my expectations. I am a big fan of pasta and can probably live in Italy without any dietary problems.


The beautiful interior and also rather compact space. I must mention that the space is pretty small. Tip: make a reservation before coming to avoid any disappointment.


air-dried and cured duck breast with mixed mushroom and ricotta in a tomato saffron broth.

I thoroughly enjoyed the ravioli and also the light flavourful broth which has strong tomato and garlic flavours which I love! I absolutely love ravioli but have never eaten it with a broth before, luckily this is delicious.


Felt like a really hearty meal which is perfect on rainy days.


mixed mushroom, black truffle paste, mascarpone, pecorino romano

If you love truffle, you’re gonna love this! I could immediately smell the traces of truffle when the waiter brought this to the table. I generally enjoy having riso and found the flavours for this to be just the way I like it, buttery, fatty and yummy!


herb pesto, broccoli, mushroom, capers, semi-dried tomato, ricotta and chili flakes

I found the flavour for this to be on a stronger side. I wouldn’t say it is terrible, but not something I would gravitate towards even though I love pesto. Might be better for sharing though as it won’t be too overbearing.

I generally had an enjoyable dining experience here. Do note that this restaurant is on a pricier end (RM123 for the 3 dishes above). But I guess the quality and ambiance is justifiable to celebrate special occasions or for some self-pamper.

the-nat-chanel-grano-pasta-bar-apw-bangsar-kuala-lumpur -upstairs.JPG

I must also mention that apart from the dining space shown earlier, they also have an upstairs section which is also relatively small but cozy.


And also a rather private area which is quite perfect for celebrations. I think their maximum capacity would be around 40 pax max?

Definitely worth a visit if you love Italian food!

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