Coco Game Center Kuala Lumpur

Easily one of the prettiest arcade ever seen and I would be happy to be playing with the claw machine all day trying to win some goodies!

I made my way to Coco Game Center in Kuala Lumpur for a fun-filled evening after work and the entire space is Insta-worthy. You can hardly fault the interior, beautiful girly yet edgy set up!



There are different stations for games and beauty but ample of space for picture taking! The beauty ride is more of a show piece and you can’t actually play any sort of game while take your chance is basically your chance at getting a sample of one of their four available fragrances! No brainer really, just hit a button and see what your luck brings you.

Moving on to something more fun and interesting, the arcade game! There are two types of game, smash or sound. Best part is you get to win a prize! Smash is like a virtual game of tennis, you hit the ball back and forth and try not to lose while sound is like tap tap revenge, if you’re familiar with the online game. I must say they are pretty cool and I could sit here all day challenging a friend!

Also, because I am all about aesthetics, this arcade is DEFINITELY fit for me.



I gave myself a go at the claw machine, luck wasn’t on my side sadly. Each person gets 3 token and I can’t believe I wasn’t even close to clawing any of it.


If you’re not all about the game, that’s cool. You can get yourself a makeover or try their beauty and make up products you’ve been eyeing on. Their team of professionals are ready to be at your service.





Not forgetting, you can test out their fragrances and also buy them on the spot.

In my honest opinion, I kinda expected more games to be available since it was called a game center. I had expectations of the event having other games available. Nevertheless, it is a very unique concept for a roadshow. As beauty brands always try to outdo one another, I’ve got to say Chanel definitely raised the bar.


Coco made me do it. 


I actually went back 2 days later because I won a giveaway from Buro 24/7 for this particular event. I actually registered myself beforehand before finding out I won a giveaway hence I went twice!

This time around luck was on my side and I got 3/3 from the claw machine!



My “wins” for the day. I guess I could take my day 1 as a trial run before bringing my A-game for the subsequent day.

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