Open Letter To People Who Can’t Stop Commenting About My Weight

Dear you, you, you & you.

I’d like to first say thank you for your indirect compliments and I apologise if you’re severely jealous. Let’s be real, you’d wish to be me too. If you come from a place of concern, kindly use words which expresses your concern more than your judgements.

You’re putting too much unnecessary attention on how I look on the outside without first getting to know what I actually go through. I’d even classify this as body shaming because you’re essentially nit picking my body image.

I’m pretty tired of people judging and commenting about my weight. Save your personal opinions for other things because I don’t want to hear it, period. Does it irritates you that I am not fat? Does it bother you that I am a size 2? Does it matter to you how heavy I weight? Honestly, I don’t care if I look too thin in your eyes, I didn’t ask for your opinions anyway.

I’ve always known that people will have something to say regardless, you’re never going to be perfect, always a little too skinny or fat – that is how society works. What bothers me is when people have the nerve to ask me to eat more or infer that I don’t eat much.

Who in the world gave you the permission to judge me based on how I look? Who ever told you I don’t enjoying eating? Have you seen how much fooooood that goes onto my Insta-story (and also my stomach)?


If only people were better at rephrasing their sentences or more gentle with their words, I’d gladly explain about my food choices and the lifestyle I have chosen to take that probably played a huge part in this. If only people were not so quick to judge, you’d know I eat a lot of someone my size and I’m not purposely starving myself in anyway. If only you knew how much I love my desserts and don’t ever pass on sweet treats.

Ironically the people who love to make snide remarks are those who are a generation older. They’ve lost the basic courtesy or does that not apply when having a conversation with people younger than them? One can only wonder. My peers on the other hand ease themselves into this topic by approaching this question from a more gentle and kind angle and for that, I’d like to thank you all for being more genuinely humane.

If you had the decency to ask further before slurring out incorrect judgments about me, I’d tell you about how I eat 3 full meals a day without skipping any and some times even snack in between. Heck, I also eat supper because who can pass having something to munch on when you’re binge watching a show. I would educate you about how you shouldn’t be indulging in greasy food all the damn time and letting it become incorporated into part of your life. I’d gladly tell you what my diet looks like and you’d be surprise carbs is on the list.

I can proudly say that I am a product of healthy eating and healthy living and maybe you could learn a thing or two to get rid of your ever growing love handle. Here’s a reminder, I don’t care what you think of me and you should think before you speak. Till then, I’ll continue living the best skinny life I ever wanted, cheers! 😉

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