John Legend Darkness And Light Concert @ Genting

Truth be told, I only knew of him when his hit song All Of You was being overplayed on radio stations. Then, I found out he was married to Chrissy Teigen and they’re sort of the newest Hollywood power couple with the cutest baby Luna.

When I heard he was coming to Malaysia for a concert, I naturally wanted to watch him as he had a very soothing and almost magical voice and John Legend really didn’t disappoint.

While not familiar with all his songs, I spammed his songs on Spotify a week prior and familiarized myself with his songs. As the day draws closer, I became a bigger fan of his music and voice. He has an angelic voice which is so perfect for a Sunday afternoon lazy weekend playlist.




John Legend was SO GOOD LIVE! He definitely sounded better live compared to studio or maybe I just enjoyed the atmosphere plus his music. His concert was unlike any other I’ve been to because it was a very jazzy and chill kinda concert, nothing screamy and no over the top fan girls spotted.

It must be noted, he is a really good singer and I felt like I was just casually hanging out with him in the arena as he sung his Darkness and Light album. People were mostly relaxing in their seats and occasionally swaying when he engages with the crowd to stand up during some of his songs.



Thank you John Legend for serenading us in Malaysia and putting up a fantastic show! I’m quite sure all of us thoroughly enjoyed the night.


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