I was deciding between making a day trip to Oxford or Cambridge and was advised to go with the latter and I didn’t regret my choice. There was a lot of character in this small town which London does not offer and such a beautiful, beautiful place to visit.



I made my way on foot to the city center and it was roughly a 20-30 minutes walk, sounds relatively far but do-able once you’re not thinking about the time. Plus, there were quite a number of people walking in the same direction, hence it didn’t feel that far.

I noticed it had some resembles with Bath and York even – small, quaint, peaceful and safe town.




It is a very small student town which resembles Bath, but filled with more students. Since it was a city where a lot of prestigious colleges and universities are located at, it gave out a very intimidating vibe and I almost immediately felt smarter by just walking beside all these students.

They’re definitely not your average students you’ll bump into in London or Manchester. In their own league and a class above the rest, they seemed more proper and perhaps more refined.



Most of these prestigious colleges / universities would require a small entrance fee unless brought in by a friend who studies there. King’s College looking amazing from the front and right through to their backyard. It’s amazing how well maintained and preserved this place is considering how old the property is.


King’s College dining hall. Like wow, this is seriously a snap right our a Harry Potter movie. Everything in here just looks so upscale and grand, fit for the royal family.


Even their church is amazingly beautiful. All the intricate detailing, architecture and workmanship can be seen and it just felt like a very grand place.


The infamous Mathematical Bridge. It is believed to be designed and built without using any nuts or bolts by Isaac Newton but I don’t know how much of that is true. Nevertheless, it was an interesting bridge to say the least.



Those people punting are all wrapped up because it was legit freezing cold. But I guess it would still be enjoyable against this beautiful backdrop and sight. I can only imagine how lovely it would be to go punting during summer.


Cambridge is definitely a very serene and peaceful town which is ideal for day trips out of London. Whilst not many tourist attractions to visit, it is terribly beautiful and it gives you a breath of fresh air from the hustle and bustle (and dust) in London.

They have plenty of unique and interesting independent shops for those interested and even a mall if you ever itch for some modernity.

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