Winter Wonderland By Day

This is kinda long overdue but I realize I took quite a number of pictures that is worthy to be shared. Also, people usually head to Winter Wonderland at night but I think it is equally as beautiful by day. If anything, it is less crowded and you can truly enjoy your personal space.


By day you can enjoy this scenic route at Hyde Park instead of walking in never ending darkness. You get to feel the warmth from the sun and the clear blue skies.




See what I meant by I get to enjoy personal space? I also won’t get too many photobombs if I wanted to take a solo picture or an outfit shot. Also don’t you agree that this is a pretty scenic sight on its own?

the-nat-channel-natventures-england-london-winter-wonderland-day-time -stalls-shawarma.JPG



I also can take nice food / drink shots and I can actually see what I am eating. By day you also can pay closer attention to details like the decor, etc.


I can also take artistic shots like this. I might be exaggerating if I said this looks like one from google image but I guess close enough since I merely shot this with an iphone.




Day time also means less people in the queue for these rides and isn’t that the best part?!


Winter Wonderland gives out a very different vibe during the day which I equally love. I enjoy the warmth and I can truly appreciate the hard work and effort that went into all the details and nitty-gritty details which I might easily miss in the dark.

This is such a perfect place to chill in the afternoon if you have no where to go and looking to be around people as well. Grab a bite or drink and have a seat here will make you feel like you’re alone yet surrounded by people’s presence. The constant music playing and rides in the background is enough to make one feel relaxed.

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