My Secret To Happiness

I’ve been told why am I always so happy. (As if being happy is a sin)

I don’t have an answer to this but I know that I choose to be a happy-go-lucky person instead of dwelling in sadness and sorrow. I know it is easier said than done for some people and I don’t blame them.

By nature, I am a giggly person who is easily pleased. Though, this is arguable but for most part, I am pretty easy going and laid-back. I choose to see the good in everything and if I can, I would very much prefer to have positive vibes around me only. Life is too short to be surrounded by Debbie Downers me thinks.

I was once told I laugh too much and at the slightest thing. But where’s the bad in that if it keeps me happy at an absolute zero cost? I might be mistaken as a crazy lady in public but I’d rather be one than a walking ball of sadness.

As cheesy and cliche as it sounds, happiness comes from within and this is extremely true for me at the very least. I choose to do what makes me happy, be it temporary relief by going on a retail therapy or binge watching on a TV series and break out of reality for a bit. While it is a form of escape, it breaks me free and stops me from snowballing my negative thoughts.

If happiness came in waves, my life would be constantly in high tide. I bounce off happiness from people around me and that is one of the reasons why I love surrounding myself with positive people. I am just better off with people who I can vibe with and who also has the same perspective of life.


There’s something else I like to do that may or may not contribute to my happiness – eating. I enjoy treating myself to a hearty brunch and indulging in a bowl of carb loaded carbonara (no pun intended). I find so much joy in chomping food down and especially when I get to satisfy my cravings. at the same time.

I also particularly love desserts, especially ice-cream, pancakes and waffles. I am someone who would definitely eat ice-cream out of the tub but the danger in that would be finishing it in one seating (ops). There could be some biological explanation about food and happiness but I guess food does make me happy and that’s all that matters for me.

Someone once asked me whether do I get sad. Answer is yes, I am only human. The only difference would probably be I don’t dwell in my sadness over a long period of time. Those who know me would know that I don’t stay sad for more than an hour and at max it would just be under a day. I choose not to dwell in negativity, sorrow and sadness. I prefer to see the rainbow after the storm because sadness is temporary. I’d rather sleep it off and start with a fresh mind. Well unless, it’s something more serious and it might take awhile to kick me out of it but I don’t ever bring my emotional baggage around town.

I am essentially stuck in this fairy tale bubble which I’ve created for myself. It may or may not pop but I know for sure this keeps my spirit going even on the saddest days or challenging times because this too shall pass.

“It’s just a bad day, not a bad life”


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