Mezcla Burrito Bar @ Subang Jaya

If you face the same challenge as I do when it comes to hunting for some good Mexican food joints to curb that burrito or tacos cravings of yours, this post will answer your prayers as I’ve finally found somewhere with decent offerings.

This to me is as close as it gets to Chipotle which we seriously lack but thank you Mezcla for stepping in and filling the gap!


I have this undying love for hard shell tacos which apparently is not the easiest thing to find in KL. Trust me, I’ve been searching high and low, near and far but no where seems to specialize in this for unknown reasons.

I had the shrimp & mango, steak & cheese and fish tacos which were all really good! Personal favourite would be shrimp & mango because those are some of my favourite things. The ingredients all tasted fresh, 3 is definitely filling and enough without any additional sides.  They also have an option for soft shell tacos if you prefer or you can get just one or two tacos.


Topping up a couple of dollars gets you a basket of nachos chips and I ordered an additional guacamole dipping because my knees become weak at the sight of guac.


This was SO GOOD! I may be bias because I absolutely love guac dipping but in all seriousness, you can bite into chunks of avocado cubes which makes this so so so enjoyable.


I didn’t get to try their burrito this time round but I now know where to satisfy my cravings when I’m looking for some good ole’ frills free Mexican place. I’ll for sure be back for more!

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