Hitting The 5 Year Mark


Everything was new, fresh, exciting and fun. We had a routine of lunch dates on Tuesday and movie dates on Thursday/ Friday and I always looked forward to our date days. Time spent with you was never enough and you left to the land of opportunities in December, leaving us in a long-distance relationship.

It was the first time we had to spend so many months apart. There were a lot of new things we had to get used to, new adjustments and a new way of making things work. Our time-zone difference drove us crazy for sure but we pulled through and you soon came over to visit me in London during winter and that was the highlight of our year.

Should I say ‘hoooray!’ as we’re finally getting a hang of distance and things started falling into place. We spent a lot of time during summer and even took a trip to Redang Island with our friends. I love spending almost everyday with you. Regardless whether we made plans that day, it was your company I enjoyed the most and our daily banter that kept the conversations going.

It was a bumpy year, but we pulled through yet another year of distance and I can only say thank you universe for believing in us because I never imagined myself being in a long-distance relationship for this long. At the end of the day, love brings us back to each other and we sailed through to the next year.

I thought the worst is over but I was so wrong because it was the most difficult and tough year ever for us. Nothing made sense for months and it became a difficult nut to crack after awhile. Should I thank the universe again for bringing us back together? Because, thank you universe for aligning our stars and signaling our way back to each other.

Here we are 5 years later and almost closing the final chapter of LDR (for now). As we are about to finally become a somewhat normal couple again, I am excited to see what 2018 has installed for us and am happy for you to be a drive away again. I can’t wait to spend so much more time with you and here’s to a lifelong adventure together.

Happy 5th Anniversary to us, I love you!


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