Champignons @ Ara Damansara

The newest kid on the block has set the bar real high when it comes to good food at a reasonable price.

I’d highly recommend Champignons if you’re looking to have quality food at a less steep price. Located in Oasis Square, this is hardly difficult to locate if you circle round the outer layer.


Also, their interior really sets the tone for a fine restaurant on the block.

PS: Other food options around are more casual and this is quite a perfect place for parties, gatherings and such.

I gave their Business Executive set lunch which is available daily a go and I did not regret my choices. It comes with a choice of starer and drink on the side.


Here’s a bowl of hearty mushroom soup. Just by the look of it, you can tell it is a homemade bowl and not one which is right out of the can and my greedy stomach was already looking forward to dig in. It definitely did not disappoint and I loved it!


They also have a very interesting citrus beetroot salad which is not only refreshing but also had very strong flavours which some might not be used to. I personally loved it because I am a fan of beetroot to begin with. I’d say give this a try if you’re adventurous because it is unlike any salad I have tasted.

I asked their friendly wait staff for a recommendation since it was my first time here and this was what he recommended me to have – Grilled Spanish Pork Shoulder Loin. I must say that I absolutely loved it!

the-nat-channel-champignons-ara-damansara-oasis-square-grilled-spanish-pork-shoulder-loin.jpgI had this funny expectation and thought it would be a tough part of the meat but I was so wrong. If this was a piece of beef, it would be medium-well. The gravy complemented the meat very nicely and gave it the extra oomph which was much appreciated. Needless to say, I left nothing behind.


If the meat is too much to handle, their spaghetti is not a bad choice. It had a very nice texture as if it was made from scratch and the sauce had minced pork in it which was definitely enjoyable with the spaghetti.


While the drinks are nothing to shout about, I enjoyed my refreshing glass of honey longan and iced peach tea.

I’d say they nailed it when it comes to presentation, quality and taste of food and value for money. Two Business Executive lunch sets costed me under RM 60 in Champignons while their friendly neighbour Mr & Mrs Cafe might not even getting me drinks and a meal for two with the same amount of money.

Definitely worth a re-visit in the near future and I can’t wait to try out other options on their menu.

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