London: Sun’s Out, Fun’s Out

London is known for its gloomy, wet and dreadfully cold weather.

Sometime ago I did a post on London’s Sunny Side showcasing the beauty of London when it is sunny and here are more sunny visual which I managed to snap during winter. I must say, the sun and the cold makes an absolutely perfect combination.



Beautiful sunrise behind this infamous mall. Truth be told, I’ve never seen cotton candy coloured skies in London and I was particularly excited when I saw this beautiful sight. It was a stroke of luck and I am in awe of its beauty.




A very nice area for casual hang-outs because of the overall relaxed atmosphere. Plus, there are plenty of eateries and shops nearby.



This area looks contrastingly different by night and is a popular hang-out area. Carnaby is another area which I am fond of simply because of the way the square is designed and the retail outlets available. By day, this is such a cute street for photographs.



One of the most popular shopping street in London all dressed up and ready for Christmas.



The sight that greets me the first thing in the morning when the sun is out. What a beautiful sight and a great start to the day when it is not grey and cloudy.



I wish there were more sunny days in London because the sun highlights the beauty of the city. It instantly wakes the city up, cheers the people up and such rarity during winter is much appreciated.

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