7°C Winter Outfit


There has been people questioning me on how I do not get cold or that I don’t dress appropriately for winter. Truth is, I was warm and felt perfectly fine. Although the occasional strong wind did make me feel cold but isn’t that normal?

Here’s my trick! You just need a good heat tech to keep you warm. I got mine from Uniqlo and it has been doing a pretty good job and no complains from my end. Beneath my sweater, I was wearing a heat tech and a slightly woolly sweater which kept me pretty warm.

My legs are generally all right and I don’t find the need to be donned in a thick pair of thighs. Mine is roughly 200 denier and it is sufficient for my needs as my legs are generally alright with the cold.

For me, as long as I keep my body warm, I’m pretty much good to go and that’s essentially how I survive winter.

Also, I am not one who loves wearing gloves but I keep it at bay in my bag for days when the temperature drops unexpectedly.


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