Dominique Ansel Bakery @ London

Good pastries and desserts are my weakness.

This was naturally on my list of places to visit when I was in London for very obvious reasons. I not only love their pastries, dessert, hot chocolate but also fell in love with their outdoor patio which provides such an amazing backdrop for pictures.


I was so spoilt for choice and if it was up to me, I’d definitely take one of each. Just look at how PERFECT they looked?!


They also had some Christmas specials when I was there and they all look extremely tempting! I’d be so happy if someone gifted me a box of these for Christmas because I eat with my eyes first.


Their outdoor patio is a very popular seating choice for dine-in customers because just look at this cozy space. Not to forget, it’s also covered and is of perfect temperature.


I had a go at their almond croissant which was perfectly flakey. I love pastries and this definitely can go wrong in so many ways but luckily it didn’t.


DKA, one of their popular pastries which is caramelized on the outside and flakey and tender within. It lived up to the expectation and definitely a must try when you dine here apart from their cookie shots.


And because I couldn’t resist a sweet treat, I got their liquid caramel peanut butter mousse cake and all I say is YUUUUUUUMS. It’s a caramelized puff rice based with liquid caramel cremeux with peanut butter mousse.

If you’re not a fan of sweet treats, this might be too much for you but I on the other hand LOVED it! Just look at that beautiful glaze?!?! It had a very smooth texture which was rich in flavour and worth every calorie.


Dominique Ansel Bakery lived up to my expectations and was worth my visit. Considering that it is located in Victoria and would be rather out of the way, I think it is worth making a trip here for breakfast or tea and have a go at their nicely crafted desserts. I intentionally gave their cookie shot a miss because I am not the biggest fan of milk and opted for their blossoming hot chocolate which was nice and rich.

You can bet I’ll be back here again the next time I’m in London!

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