Winter In London

A season where people either love it or hate it, there’s no in-between when it comes to winter. You either find yourself embracing the cold and donning in over the top puffer jackets and oversized fur coats or hating it and bundling up in multiple layers of clothing to keep yourself warm.

Coming from a tropical country, I find there’s so much to winter that goes underappreciated. I love dressing up and winter is just another opportunity or excuse to go all out and don’t hold back.

Winter in London is particularly beautiful because of the lights installations, decorative streets and obviously the perfect winter temperature where it’s not below 0°C but cold enough for it to feel like winter.



I can just walk up and down along Oxford and Regent street admiring the lighting and feeling content. It’s the little things in life like this which makes me happy. I actually took the bus a couple of times and sat at first row in the upper deck to admire the beauty. Cheap thrills in life which I am all about!




These beautiful lighting which are only available around Christmas are nothing new. In fact, the same lighting is reused yearly and it isn’t anything out of the ordinary. But there’s something about these sparkling lights that captivates my heart at first sight and makes it feel extra festive.




London is extra pretty during Christmas and I would say, nobody does Christmas better than London. I might be bias but my eyes do not lie and these pictures are only a glimpse of London’s beauty during winter.

Imagine walking along these beautifully lit up streets during a winter evening and enjoying the crisp cold air and an optional hot chocolate in hand.

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