Barrafina @ London

I love me some good tapas and Barrafina nailed it in terms of their flavours, presentation and price point.

Their slightly upscale atmosphere sets them apart from their neighbouring competitors but the modern yet contemporary interior creates an inviting vibe, attracting diner into their restaurant.


I honestly forgot to take a picture of the restaurant, but thank you 21st-century information geek, Google, for this imagery. I visited the one in Soho but they have another outlet in Covent Garden which is equally as popular.

As you can see, the L shape restaurant barely fits more than 20 pax and easily one of the most popular restaurants in the area as well. They don’t take reservations so your best bet would be arriving before their service hour and join the queue, I’m talking 12.00PM (lunch) / 5.00PM (dinner).

This restaurant came highly recommended and I can certainly see why.


This is their garlic mussels which is SUPER GOOD! I’m not the biggest fan of mussels, but I enjoyed this because of the light garlic sauce that came with it. Their seafood options are seasonal, depending on what is available in their kitchen that day.



Next we had some potato croquettes which was REALLY GOOD! It was nice and crunchy on the outside and soft in the inside. It came with a side of sauce which nicely complemented this dish. Also, the very kind chef made us 3 croquettes instead of their usual serving of 2 because he saw we came in a crowd of 3. It was a really nice gesture of the chef!



To fulfill our vegetable quota for the night, we ordered a plate of their baby gem salad which surprisingly taste better than it looks! You can hear the crunchiness of the salad once you take a bite and it was topped with anchovies and pancetta which tasted perfectly together as a whole.



This is their Arroz Negro which is basically squid ink rice. I’ve never tasted squid ink rice / pasta before and I found this to be good but I don’t have a benchmark to compare it with others. My first impression of it wasn’t that great but it honestly tasted really creamy and savory with chunks of squid!



Chipirones, better known as deep fried baby squid. Originating from the same octopus family, this has some resemblance with calamari which I am more familiar with. Nicely flash fried and seasoned, this is such a perfect appetizer or snack.



Bomba iberica. To simply describe it, it is a huge ball of potato and meat surrounded by cream. Taste wise, I would prefer the croquettes I had earlier but if you didn’t order the croquettes, this would be somewhat a good alternative.

If asked to pick a favourite dish out of the 6, it would be really difficult to choose one which takes the crown. I thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes ordered, the wait staff did an amazing job recommending these dishes to us! If I have to really pick one, I’d say the croquettes are a MUST order.

For a Michelin stared restaurant, it offered a good value for money and almost comparable to other casual restaurants in London,*ahem Burger and Lobster. With each dish hovering between £10 each, it is perfect for sharing with friends without breaking the bank!

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