TaeYang White Night Concert @ Macau

When I was 16, I started listening to some k-pop music and Big Bang was one of the most popular kpop group back then. Out of all the members, TaeYang was my bias. I heard his song Wedding Dress and immediately fell in love with his beautifully smooth voice which serenaded my 16 year old self.

7 years later, I get to see him perform live in action and I must say this was such an unforgettable experience. I also personally feel that he sounds amazing live and if not better than his studio recordings.

I was super fortunate to be able to get VIP tickets for this concert and it came with soundcheck passes as well. Truthfully, this is my first time going for a soundcheck and it was like a private concert on its own. I really had no expectations and was genuinely impressed!





All dressed down in his comfy oversize sweater and checked pants, he put up such a great rehearsal which kept the crowd wanting for more. He was super interactive and created a good rapport with his fans, causing there to be a connection to be made. I really felt like I was at a private concert.



I don’t have the best pictures of him but he looks so good in all white outfit and put up such an amazing solo performance. Every song was sang and danced with so much passion and even though I could not sing along to all the songs because Korean is really a language I struggle with but I had an enjoyable time because the songs were all familiar and it just felt surreal.

When I heard him sang two of my favourite songs, Wedding Dress and Eyes, Nose, Lips, my heart was so so so full and it was like a dream come true. Wedding Dress was the first ever song of his which really captured my attention and I was almost in tears hearing him sing it live on the piano.



Thank you for putting up such an amazing performance. This is one concert down on my bucket list and an amazing amazing experience. I was on a post-concert high the following week, having his songs replay in my head continuously. In fact, I went back to the hotel room and played his songs because post-concert withdrawals were real.

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