Growing Up As A Hairy Girl

I was always cautious of my hairy arms and legs as far as I can remember. I grew up feeling very insecure about it and felt that it was a part of my ugliness. I hated every inch of it and I always questioned why was I different from other girls. It got so annoying because I just wanted to get rid of this hideous sight.

With my insecurity came my hatred for skirts and shorts. When I was younger, I would prefer to live in jeans which covers up more surface area of my skin. I felt even more conscious when I was in a bathing suit. If you had hairy arms and legs, you’d know what I mean. The moment you step out of the water, it becomes really obvious and it didn’t help that I had very fair complexion as it had even stronger contrast and highlighted my insecurities even more. Boy, I used to hate it so bad.

It was not until I was 13/14 when I bought my first tube of shaving cream (for legs). I remember seeing my glowing skin for the first time which instantly boosted my self-confidence a little more. That was when I realize, YESSSS, I can finally say goodbye to these gorilla looking legs which I absolutely hated for the longest time.

Of course, that was short-lived because shaving caused the hair to grow quicker and more coarse which in a way totally backfired my goal of having nice hairless long legs. The idea of waxing it popped in and out of my head for awhile and after toying around with it, I finally gave it a go and needless to say, I never looked back for that day onwards.

Let’s not forget the amount of teasing that came with it. I’ve been called so many different names and it definitely didn’t help the situation. Trust me, boys out there would not stop making fun of me. While they didn’t have any evil intentions, it was one of my biggest insecurity and I definitely didn’t like it. Luckily I wasn’t affected too much by it and let it slide instead. It helped that I had a very close girlfriend who suffers the same fate as me and the boys would ALWAYS tease us both. I guess going through it with someone else made the situation better.

Also, imagine being the really hairy one compared to your partner. My boyfriend is naturally blessed with very fine and almost non-existent hair on his hand and his legs are also not as hairy as mine. If someone were to take leg shots, I think mine can pass as a feminine man.

My journey to having a less hairy arm never progressed much, not until I started doing IPL treatment two years ago. I must say, this is by far one of the best hair removal options out there if you’re willing to spend some $$$. I signed a year long package and till date, my arms are not hairless but they are SO MUCH more beautiful than before 🙂

I still remember going in for consultation one day and the beautician asked me if I nourish my arm hair because it looks really healthy. She also did not shy away from mentioning it upfront to me that I am really hairy, well thanks. My journey with IPL treatment for my arms was a painless one and even though not 100% of my hair is gone, I am very pleased with the results as it doesn’t grow in a coarse manner.

Here I am, nearly 23 years later and I still struggle with this. I’ve come to terms with it because there are short-term solutions to it. This doesn’t mean I would like to live with this ugly sight but it does mean that I am no longer as frustrated or bothered by it because it is part of who I am.

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