Foremula @ Ara Damansara

This cafe is located in a rather unassuming business area in Ara Damansara and would get unnoticed if you don’t frequent this area. If you’re familiar with Memphis Bistro in Ara Damansara, you’d easily know where this cafe is!


I’m very drawn to the beautiful decor at first glance. I am obsessed with the tiles which goes very well with the warm wood, black finishing and gold wording. This is literally the perfect decor scheme for the kitchen of my dreams (especially the tiles)!


I can’t get over the beautiful rose gold metal cage pendant light fixtures. Definitely bookmarking this for my future home in the distant future. Keeping a tasteful yet minimal cohesive theme made it very inviting once you step foot into the cafe.


Also something else I am obsessed with, open shelving gave the space more character and I am absolutely obsessed with it!!

It was a rather packed afternoon, 12.00 noon to be exact. Like all cafes, indoor seating is pretty tight and limited. But, the very nice owner seated us outdoors for a little while before moving us inside when a seat was available!


Here’s their hearty bowl of homemade mushroom soup which I am a fan of! I am generally A HUGE mushroom soup lover and have always loved a bowl of good ole’ homemade mushroom soup. You can taste the wholesomeness at first sip and they’re pretty generous in the amount of mushroom used. The garlic bread complemented the soup perfectly – light, soft, crispy and yummy!


This is one of their specialty and I LOVED it! It is grilled chicken thigh which has been marinated in satay sauce with a side of sweet potato fries and additional satay sauce. I have always loved satay sauce and this made the chicken so much more enjoyable. Perfectly marinated and cooked, it was absolutely delicious! Also, the side of sweet potato fries were also yummy (ps: I am a huge sweet potato lover).


Their french toast was also yummy and definitely worth ordering. While it isn’t the best french toast I have eaten, it definitely checks all the boxes that I look for when I order a french toast. What makes this unique is the sauce it is served with. Instead of your usual caramel, honey or other overly sweet sauce, this has a hint of coffee which balances the flavour and makes it really enjoyable!

I really enjoyed the food here despite the wait and would definitely return for more in the very near future.

Till my next good food find!

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