Zao, Breakfast Anytime @ Petaling Jaya

I must share about this unassuming cafe I discovered in Section 19.

I frequent a Fish Head Noodle shop in this area for a very long time now and recently discovered this cafe which popped up right beside it. It stood out amongst the other shops along the same row because of its crisp white and clean exterior. Mind you, most shops along this row is old and could use a fresh coat of paint.


A very minimalist, uncluttered and simple interior which appeals to me. Immediately when you step foot into the cafe, you make your orders on the mini counter on the left before making your way inside for a seat. It feels more like a food store than a cafe in my opinion.


Continuing with their minimalist theme, they have a very simple and basic interior which is borderline no-frills as well. I had one problem – the echo in the cafe. Due to their bare walls and minimal furnishing, it was pretty echoey and could be very disturbing when it is packed with (noisy) people.


I found myself loving this corner for very obvious reasons! First, I am obsessed with these type of lighting which has so much character. Secondly, I am all for natural lighting, people watching and the sun!!

Side story: I work in an office which barely has windows and it makes me really depressed and I appreciate being unconfined and having some sunlight when possible.


Moving on to their food.  I’d give them a 5/5 for it is tasty, value for money, perfect portion, filling and presentable! Basically, nailing aspects I look for when I order my food. I was genuinely surprised by the portion because of its low price point and I am really happy I wasn’t disappointed!


I ordered a Hash Brown Cheesy Nachos sandwich and it gets two thumbs up from me! I secretly love cheesy nachos sauce and this was just the right amount in a bite for me. ALSO! I really really love it when restaurants or cafe serve their sandwich or burger with a fried egg in the middle and this really really made me happy!! Not forgetting, the bread was lightly toasted, just the way I liked it.

I thoroughly enjoyed my food and would definitely return and try their avocado sandwich considering I am basically in love with anything avocado. On a side note, one sandwich is roughly priced around RM10, extremely affordable!

Till my next good food find!


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