My iPhone Is An Extension Of Me

From a millennial’s point of view, I know for a fact that I can’t live without my iPhone.

I see it as more than just a phone, I see it as extra 64GB of memory space in addition to the capacity of my brain. I see it as my personal assistant, my accountant and more. It becomes an extension of my deteriorating physical and intellectual capabilities.

It wakes me up every morning for work and I have since got rid of my bedside alarm clock because it became pointless. The first thing that I reach out for every morning would be my trusty iPhone. Not only because I have to shut the alarm but it has since been incorporated into my morning ritual of checking social media before starting the day.

My iPhone is populated with a whole lot of my personal data. From an app which tracks my spending to my calendar which reminds me of my appointments and songs which I love listening to and so forth. If I were to list all the apps I used, you’d probably be able to crack the code and know me inside out if you get hold of my iPhone.

While I hate to admit this, it actually empowers me and I should give it all the credit it deserves (or maybe not). You see, the internet is literally at my fingertips which gives me access to abundance of information with just a click of a button. With that being said, it also makes social media easily accessible and it becomes a platform for self expression. Having the absolute control over how we’d like other to perceive us is a means of empowerment and for that, it becomes part and parcel of who I am as well.

If you’d go to my Twitter, you’d see the kind of person I am through what I tweet. If you look through my Tumblr, you get an idea of what’s on my mind and aesthetics that I like. On Facebook, you’d probably be able to dig up past images of me and Instagram may or may not be carefully created to depict the image I’d like society to form of me.

I have thought about it, on what life would be like if I stopped using my iPhone. I’d probably stop taking 1000001 selfies, pictures of my food, random videos and more. I’d probably be carrying a  baby pink hardcover journal around with me to take down notes, appointment dates and so forth. Maybe I’ll even have special pages for my spark of ideas, period cycle (TMI) and expenditures.

Today, I’d like to take a moment and just appreciate my iPhone. Thank you for being there through thick and thin. Thank you for keeping me in check, on track and making life a whole lot simpler. For that, I am eternally grateful for this invention.

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